The IDCVET project is focusing on three intellectual outputs:

O1: Tool for mapping and assessing teacher digital competencies

Αn online tool for mapping and assessing teacher digital competencies will be developed to help VET teachers to understand their personal strengths and weaknesses, by assessing their level of digital competence development and bridge the gap between school assessment (SELFIE) and individual assessment. The tool will contain sets of descriptors for 22 competences that will be organised over six stages of the progression model of DIGICOMPEDU.

O2: Learning scenarios

The project will produce fourteen learning scenarios for different sectors, and will create a model for using learning scenarios for training VET teachers and trainers on how to develop and use their own digital resources. These scenarios will provide trainers with practical guidelines for learning approaches, activities and content when designing their own lesson plans. They will include the following areas: Digital pedagogy; Digital resources; Digital infrastructure’ e-Assessment

O3: A digital repository of Open Educational Resoures and best practice exemplars

The repository of learning materials and best practice exemplars will include the development of 12 Open Educational Resources (OERs) with teaching, learning and research materials in digital format based on the learning scenarios. The repository will also include at least 12 examples of innovative practice, explaining both the technology used for teaching and training and the contexts of use.