Alytus Vocational Training Centre, Coordinator, Lithuania

Alytus Vocational Training Centre (AVTC) is a public institution, founded in 2004. The main type of activity of AVTC is vocational training. Other types of activities are the following: secondary education, basic education, education-specific activity and other.
The aim of activity of Alytus Vocational Training Centre is to develop spiritual, intellectual and physical powers of persons, to educate creative, responsible citizen who would be able to acquire competencies and qualification necessary to successful social integration and lifelong learning.

Active Citizens Partnership, Greece

Active Citizens Partnership (ACP) is an NGO based in North Eastern Greece and has office in Athens. We have extensive experience to design and support programs that address contemporary training and social needs at national and European level. With the assistance of the State and the European Union have developed measures to prevent and tackle social problems and assist vulnerable groups.

Institute Technology and Education, Germany

The Institute Technology and Education (University of Bremen) with approx. 60 employees has been working in Research on Vocational and Higher Education and Training since more than 40 years. It is one of the largest independent research facilities at an European university.
It focuses on the interaction of work, technology and education and on people’s influence on this triangle, aiming at a close interaction between reforming vocational education and training and innovation in work and technology.

Learningdigital, Italy

Learningdigital (LD), established in 2016, develops innovative learning solutions in digital environments for corporate clients and educational providers.
LD provides e-learning solutions for energy trading companies, developing skills and promoting awareness on energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric mobility, solutions for smart cities and sustainable development.

Pontydysgu, United Kingdom

Pontydysgu ltd. is a research and development organisation based in Wales, Germany and Spain established in 1999, employing 5 people together with fixed contract trainers and researchers as required. Pontydysgu is experienced in the design, development and delivery and support of programmes and courses for teachers and trainers in Technology Enhanced Learning and the development and exploitation of Open Educational Resources.

TecMinho, Portugal

TecMinho is a technology transfer organization, founded in 1990 as an interface of the University of Minho. We are a private non-profit organization located in the Guimarães at the University of Minho Campus, Portugal (northern region), aiming to promote the region’s development by stimulating new technologies and by promoting the transfer of knowledge between the University, enterprises and society. Our main purpose is to support services in the fields of innovation and new technologies and deliver advanced and specialised face to face and online training and strategic information.

Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas), established in 1922 is one of the most liberal and modern universities in Lithuania, having liberal studies policy, seeking and establishing successful international relations with other universities all over the world.
Department of the studies has a rich expertise and knowhow in the field of development and implementation of the higher education quality assurance systems and instruments, as well as in the field of applied research and development in this field. Representatives of the University participated in the wide range of the national and EU research and development projects in the field of quality of higher education, development of quality assurance systems and instruments.