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  • The ideals and ethics of Artificial Intelligence May 26, 2021
    Along with Tim Berners Lee, Nigel Shadbolt is the founder of the UK Open Data Institute. In this podcast he talks about the ethics of AI. Mr Shadbolt says there is a growing renaissance of interest in the field of ethics and AI. Earlier this year, a new Institute for Ethics in AI was created […]
    Graham Attwell
  • An ethical framework for Learning Technology May 24, 2021
    The Association for Learning Technologies in the UK  (ALT) has the strategic aim of strengthening recognition and representation for Learning Technology professionals from all sectors. one of the priorities Members identified for this year is to develop an ethical framework for Learning Technology. They have developed a professional accreditation framework, CMALT, and last year extended […]
    Graham Attwell
  • AI and Inequality May 3, 2021
    I appreciate this is very short notice but at 1800 CEST today, Joseph Stiglitz is talking with Anton Korienek about AI and Inequality. The event is organised by the Centre for the Governance of AI. The event's webpage says Over the next decades, AI will dramatically change the economic landscape. It may also magnify inequality, […]
    Graham Attwell
  • UNESCO on AI and education April 20, 2021
    UNESCO have recently published a document on AI and Education aimed as guidance for policy makers. This report discusses the promise of the benefits of AI, which are of course inextricable from AI’s implications and risks. So, first of all, what are the benefits that AI promises according to UNESCO? To begin with, AI technologies […]
    Flora Meyer
  • AI@School Project September 26, 2020
    The EU working group on AI in education working group distinguishes between 'Education for AI' and 'AI for education'. Education for AI is about equipping students and teachers with knowledge about AI. AI for Education focuses on AI applications that can be used to improve education and thus learning and teaching. Particular potential is seen […]
    Dirk Stieglitz